Game Makers

  • *Q: "Why isn't this working? I'm doing everything right!"

  • *A: Then you're... probably not doing everything right^_^' Walk away for 5 minutes, rethink all of your information, then come back and do a once over again. Continue until problem is solved or the 'worth it' meter drops to zero. Trust me, been there:3
  • *Q: "Echo! I downloaded GM/GMAE and it's not working! HELP!"

  • *A: As stated on the download page, make sure to download and install RPG MAKER XP's RTP (there's a link!)

  • >If it says you're missing a .dll file, blame your computer! xD A quick google of the file it tells you should yield a download link. Throw it in the game folder if you wish, and you should be dandy.

  • >There is no text! Oh noes! The games use the MS PGothic font - a windows 7/10 font. The other font used can be downloaded here .

  • >Missing files! Bugs! EEEK! If you've downloaded the game from ANYWHERE ELSE, redownload the one hosted here. If there's a new patch, update to that.

  • *Q: "This plugin isn't working WHY ISN'T THIS PLUGIN WORKING AHHHHHHHHH!"

  • *A: I have some steps for troubleshooting plugins. They are as follows:

  • 0. Go over it and... make sure you're... actually using it right (True story. Derrrp)

  • 1. Move the plugin around in the list. It could be causing incompatibilities with one beneath or above it. (Veeeeery common!)

  • 2. Throw the plugin in a new basic game. If it works, it's likely something in your game is causing it.

  • 3. Check which version of MV it's for. The updates are great, but they cause a lot of problems with compatibility in certain cases.

  • 4. Google it. Someone else might be having your problem, too.

  • 5. If all else fails, alert it's creator. It really could just be a simple oversight - they're human, it happens:) Probably a bloody missing bracket.

  • *Q: "Can you make my game for me?"

  • *A: No.
        Because then it would be my game, and where's the fun in that?

  • *Q: "Do you have a tutorial on...?"

  • *A: Youtube channels have a search feature:)
  • *Q: "Will you make a video on...?"

  • *A: Game demos and LPs, not currently. It became too much of a problem/inconvenience. Plugins - if they're interesting, I'll consider it.
    And yes I'll probably get to an ABS plugin in the future.

  • *Q: "Where did you get that plugin/resource/content?"

  • *A: I'll direct you to the resource links page. It's up there^
  • *Q: "Aw crap Echo are you dead again?"

  • *A: Nope! Just hiding from the internet!
  • *Q: "What do you look like irl?"

  • *A: A sexy midget cat monster with glasses.